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Modelize your first 3D shape with openSCAD #1

You decide to learn 3D modeling and start to print your first 3D shape this introduction course is made for you. This tutorial will allow you to create simple 3D shapes for 3D printing with using openSCAD a free open source software. I tried to do a tutorial the simple as possible with a lot […]

Welcome to my blog !

You are interrested in 3D printing. In this blog you will explore the différente posibilitise of 3D printing and will learn how to modelise 3D shapes for your futur projects.   In this article i will présente you the différents aspects of 3D printing. The futur of this technologie for our everyday life.   Work […]

My Home

Source code : https://github.com/TheSmartMonkey/myHome Summary Presentation Scope Architecture Fonctionnalities Web interface 3D model Presentation As part of the 2018-2019 year, I chose to make a school project that brought together 3D printing, computing and electronics. The principle was to be able to have a complete project that included several aspects of digital technology. My project […]

Modelize your first 3D shape with openSCAD #Correction

9. Correction Correction Exercise 2: //Exercise 2 $fn = 100; translate([0,-20,0]) cube([20,20,2]); translate([0,-20,0]) rotate([0,-90,0]) cube([20,20,2]);     Correction Exercise 3: //Exercise 3 $fn = 100; difference(){ translate([0,-20,0]) cube([20,20,2]); #translate([10,-10,-5]) cylinder(10,2,2); } difference(){ translate([0,-20,0]) rotate([0,-90,0]) cube([20,20,2]); #translate([-5,-10,10]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(10,2,2); }    Correction Final Exercises: //Final Exercise 1 module Base(){     difference(){         cube([20,20,2]);         translate([10,10,-5]) cylinder(10,2,2); […]

Modelize your first 3D shape with openSCAD #5

5. Modules Modules are used to define an object. It’s a very useful feature you must use in every of your projects. The principal advantage is to avoid code duplication and to have a more ridable code. Syntax: module Name(parameters) {      “your code” }   And to call the module: Name(parameters);   Example: module […]

Modelize your first 3D shape with openSCAD #4

4. Good practice Like in all programing languages there is good practice you must do to ensure that everyone can understand your code and also to be easier to reread. In openSCAD it’s not so essential to do some of this good practice because the code is quite easy to understand but I definitely recommend […]

Modelize your first 3D shape with openSCAD #3

3. Combining objects Create simple shapes is cool but we want to create more complexes objects by combining multiple shapes to render exactly what we want.   a. Union First of all let’s do combination with using union(): $fn = 100; union(){     cube(10);     cylinder(10,10,10); }   b. Difference You will tell me what’s […]

Modelize your first 3D shape with openSCAD #2

2. Moving and changing our objects   a. Translations Now you know how to create shapes you maybe want to change their position in the view. It’s why we’ll use translate and rotate. To move a shape you just need to do a translate([x,y,z]), example : On the x axe : translate([10,0,0]) cube(10);   On […]